November 14, 1997 –– January 28, 2013

I would like to take a moment to remember a very special girl. Not your usual Labrador retriever, Dickens seemed to understand the “Labrador” part of herself better than the “retrieving” part. In our summers in Canada, people would come to our island to witness the famous dog who was afraid of water. Nonetheless, she has certainly lived an adventurous life; almost dying from a rattlesnake bite, attacked by a porcupine, and undergoing surgery to remove a clam lodged in her throat. She starred in various home-movies featuring her in large frumpy dresses … very good at playing the “Norma Rae” type character, though she often struggled with staying awake during a scene. Laryngeal paralysis was Dickens’s last battle, one that she couldn’t win. Struggling for air, she was uncomfortable and frightened. Relieving her of the pain and fear, the girl is finally at rest. Despite her unfortunate habit of eating anything and everything foul, Dickens was the greatest friend I have ever known. She never failed to be there for me when I most needed her love and support. This past Christmas vacation, I was sick with a high fever of 104. Though it was hard for her to stand up, she managed to walk her way over to my couch and sit beside me, resting her head in my hands. You’ll always be my favorite girl, Dick. I’m blessed to have had you for these past fifteen years. Rest in peace girly.

– Everett


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