I had to say goodbye to Murphy today.

I’ve never liked the term best friend because it always seemed too idealistic and too hard to live up to, but he was mine.  He was my best friend and a better friend than I ever could have imagined I’d have.

He was 20 years old and to ask any more of him would have been selfish.  He had already taken care of me for way too long.

He died in my arms while my amazing vet sang to him ( the gospel song, “Like a Lion”). It was exactly the kind of goodbye he deserved and I am so grateful I was able to give it to him.

– Linda


3 thoughts on “Murphy

  1. Murphy’s Mom is a very special person and this feline was lucky to have been raised by such a fiery, loving, hilarious, genuine woman. May Murphy rest in peace and drink martini’s in his next life.

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