on his bed

Who would have thought that when my dad brought home the cheapest puppy from the pet store that he’d be bringing home my best friend? The same year I graduated from high school, Jake was brought into my life. He was there through the separation of my family, moving into a new house, four years at college, my moving out on my own, and a few different jobs. He may have started out as my dad’s dog, but it didn’t take long before everybody knew Jake was mine.

He was clearly not just a dog in my eyes. We were inseparable; he went just about everywhere with me. He loved going for walks, rolling around in the grass or snow, eating anything, and going for rides in the car. When we were apart he would always cry with excitement when we reunited.


Jake not only made his way into my heart, but into many other hearts as well. Among visits with my grandparents, going with me to my different veterinary office jobs, hanging out with my friends, and even coming along to my pet sitting houses with me as a guest, he was a real dog about town. He was welcomed into so many houses, he walked in like he owned them all and no one even cared because they loved him. He also had tons of animal friends as well, whether it was his new housemate Stabler, my parent’s dogs, friends’ dogs, clients’ dogs, and even birds and a rabbit thrown into the mix.

I will never forget him because he’s always with me – his paw print permanently inked on my wrist. It was hard to let him go, but with everything he did for me over the years, it was my way to pay him back. Surrounded by those that loved him, he crossed the rainbow bridge and is now my angel.

side profile professional

– Kristina


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