On a beautiful day last September we made the incredibly difficult decision to allow our beloved Luigi to be taken from this life. He passed comfortably in the arms of those he has unconditionally loved for over 13 years, and who have loved him back equally fiercely. His life was a joy to us, and, we hope, to him. He was one of the best friends either of us have had in life.

Luigi made a lot of friends during his time with us, and we know that each of them will miss him in their own way. We appreciate your love (or tolerance!) of our boy and thank you for helping to make his life the hopefully wonderful thing that it was.

We sincerely hope that we gave the boy an exceptional life well lived, while realizing that we could not possibly have given him a fraction of the worth of the unconditional love and companionship that he brought to us. It is a very sad day because it was such a wonderful life, and that is as good as it can be. We will never forget you, Little Man!

– Wanda & Bill


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