Here we remember the animals. The ones we found, the ones who found us. The ones we’ve lost, the ones we shouldn’t leave behind. The big and tall and gentle ones; the teeny, hoppy, funny ones. The ones whose eyes revealed old souls. The ones who ran until their tongues flopped out like flags. The ones who lived long and the ones who left too soon. All who before they went helped us believe in things greater than ourselves.

My name is Chloe Shaw. I created this site for my own aging pup after a friend had to put her twelve-year-old dog to sleep. Her sadness reminded me what a deep, private sorrow it is to lose an animal – a sorrow that isn’t always understood by those who have never experienced it. Even among my own friends, there are those I talk to about my animals and those I don’t. Which is why it occurred to me to create a public space for people to honor their beloved animals – with a photograph, a poem, a memory, a good old proper obituary – and to share with all the others who’ve lost animals, too. I wanted to make a place where, in each other’s company, we could say goodbye.

Please click here for how to submit.

Thank you so much for visiting. And for remembering the animals.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Chloe, what a brilliant idea! I am inspired often by your love of animals, which I share! As Bella, my 13-year-old shelter dog (and in many important ways the love of my life) grows slower and her gait stiffens, I’ve begun to think ahead (with great sadness) about how to meaningfully commemorate her life when she leaves me. I know this site will be a part of that someday, so I’m thanking you in advance for providing this space to celebrate the animals we’ve loved so dearly. XO

    • kelsea, i think of bella more than you know – she made such an impression on me at bennington, but also through your beautiful pictures of her. our booker is 12-and-a-half and i share your dreaded anticipation of what is inevitably to come. i’m so glad you imagine comfort here. i’ll need it too. much love to you and dear, sweet b.

  2. I would like to send you a tribute about my dog – Titus Pullo – a rescue dog who died (was put to sleep, actually) one month ago. My brother, who teaches at St Ann’s, put a link to this site on facebook, and I just saw it, and I think that what I wrote about him a few weeks ago might fit in here. Thanks, Marc Elliott (marcelliottpc@aol.com)

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