If you would like to share a picture or remembrance of your dear one(s), please email your submission with up to three photos to: with the subject heading “Bye Beast Submission.” While there is no word count limit, under 1,000 words works best. Your piece may be edited for length.

Thank you for supporting Bye Beast and for remembering the animals.


3 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Chloe,
    I don’t know if you remember me (the Bland days preceeding the days of Shaw), but I live just up the street from John and Janet,. Janet emqailed me this morning that Dickens died yeasterday and told me about your website of which I was previously unaware. She suggested I connect with the site so nthast I could reade Everett’s essay

  2. The “Reply” got away from me before I could either edit or finish it, hence all the typos. I never hit the Post Comment button either. You may recall McKinley, my large Chocolate Lab, who died over three years ago. I also had the two Maine Coon cat litter brothers, Rthan and Ephraim. The former died in August of 2011 at the age of 18; Ephraim died last September.
    I shall forward to you the essay I wrote upon McKinley’s death. His buddy, Shiloh, now almost 11, is alive and kicking and I have another CL, aged 5, who joined us this past July. They keepo me going..

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